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without a doubt the best way to source divers. This can be achieved easily in pubs. clubs etc. If you can, find 10 key people and ask them to find 10 people from friends and families etc. and offer them a free dive or a prize. If your venue is a pub visit regularly. talking to customers about your charity and what you do, encourage people to dive, get them to sign up there and then.



unfortunately SCAD Diving is relatively new therefore people do not know what it is. Unlike abseils, parachute jumping and Bungee Jumping etc. Anybody receiving a mailshot concerning any of these, know exactly what they are and whether they would like to do one. This is not the case with SCAD Diving and consequently mailshots have proven to be the least successful method of sourcing divers.



work if placed in the right place. Notice boards are not a good place as they are always there and people only notice them when they are looking for something specific (funnily enough). Place posters in areas where people can be stood waiting for periods of time. i.e. chip shops, takeaways, toilets (on the back of the doors), shops, Bus stops, Train stations and pubs etc.



Place adverts in local papers, or better still you will find a greater response if you can link your appeal for divers with a local interest e.g. somebody awaiting a transplant and do a follow up story after the event.



will work if displayed or handed out in areas where there is already an awareness of SCAD Diving.



has not proved to be successful at sourcing divers, although it serves the purpose of advertising the event and raising awareness.





If you set a target for people to achieve the majority of people will usually achieve that and slightly more. In order to encourage people to raise more money set several targets offering incentives in the form of prizes.


If your event is at a pub the brewery may be willing to donate prizes, contact local businesses for donations Boots the chemist is very good and also catalogue stores. You will all have your own network of donors I am sure. For the higher targets it would be worth investing in prizes yourself P&O North Sea ferries offer themed cruises for 30 per person to Amsterdam. Lille, Rotterdam. the Hague. Bruges and Delft there are also shopping trips to France, which are relatively cheap.


Easyjet fly to several major European destinations and these are very reasonable if booked in advance.


Football clubs will donate tickets to matches. These are just a few of the things that can serve as a good incentive to encourage people to raise more money. It also has the psychological effect of making people feel that they are actually receiving something in return.