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Safety Matters

is it safe?YES! - It's so safe your granny could do it!

 It has been MONTIC’s policy to construct ride systems for excitement in the past ten years on the basis of the highest available safety standard meaning no actual risk to the participant at all.

SCAD systems are built and constructed under up to date safety standards, apply to CE Norms and have all been inspected, controlled and tested by the TÜV, which is a technical safety inspection Institute with international acceptance and reputation. 

All suspension lines holding the SCAD device in each corner have a safety coefficient of 10. which means they can hold 10 times the maximum weight. Additionally every suspension has a separate back up, which holds in the event of a broken component. Tests hove shown, that even if one suspension came completely loose, the SCAD would still remain in position and catch the diver safely. 

The system also has "Triple Redundancy" - that means that every rope or line has a backup- and that backup also has a backup!

The landing in the net is so soft, that the diver does not feel any impact and the maximum G-force for a very light person is only  4 G, which is below the International Amusement Ride Standards, it is the only thrill ride that combines thrill with a maximum of comfort. There are no distracting elements or uncomfortable force exposures. 

Experience has proven, that SCAD Diving is an activity which has a much higher safety degree than comparable rides, as the risk of human error is completely erased. No parts of the system can be changed or altered during operation. 

The special release system to enable the Controlled Free Fall (CFF) was developed over a period of two years and has been free of failure ever since. All participants connect to the CFF (Controlled Free Fall) system. The CFF harness warrants, that the correct body position is maintained during the entire free fall to ensure a comfortable and safe landing. Panic or deliberate attempts to turn or spin the body out of this position are impossible, 

 Safety on the SCAD
All riders connect to the CFF Controlled Free Fall system. CFF guarantees a secure free fall position for a comfortable landing.

The customer is limited in his movements and can not change his position, even at deliberate attempt

The CFF System is a perfect way to enjoy the pure free fall feeling.

Due to the CFF System SCAD is completely safe for untrained persons. There are no special requirements for participation. The g-force ranges between 2,5 and 4. SCAD Diving is a TÜV-approved ride and complies with all CE norms. Since ´97 more than 500.000 customers have performed a safe CFF SCAD Dive.

MONTIC is developing new active adventures of the future with great physical and mental affection (to overcome personal limits) on the basis of a trendy image. This means activities, that will appear extreme, but have the safely standard of a modern roller coaster. New adventures will not be more extreme, but more creative.

 Some safety facts on SCAD Dive safety

 1.    SCAD Dive is a controlled ride and not an extreme sport

 2.    The SCAD is fully Insured against any damages

 3.    Since its invention the CFF SCAD system is free of any Injury after 120.000 controlled dives worldwide.

 4.    SCAD is approved and tested by TUV Germany. HSE UK, DTI - Denmark, TUV-Austria, SA - Sweden, Lift institute -  Netherlands, TUV Switzerland etc. and operates in 18 countries around the world including the USA and Japan.