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an Unrivalled 

Advertising Opportunity

SCAD Diving is a new, unique thrill ride. It is the perfect platform for your advertising message if you want to reach a young dynamic audience
 Advertising on the SCAD

The Harness
Each Diver wears a special CFF Harness which guarantees the correct body position for the diver.  It also guarantees your name a position in every photograph
At the top
All eyes are on the net throughout and your message is always at the centre of attention
The free fall
All eyes are on the cage when the Diver is being prepared for their drop - sometimes for several minutes
The landing net
The huge airtubes can each support a 10m by 1m Banner which will shout your message to the whole crowd from 50 feet up in the air
Getting ready
Riders entering the cage - a much photographed event showing off your Company Message.

At Ground level
Pictures to follow Several areas are available at ground level including the Registration tent 
Another success
When the SCAD net drives back to the ground your message is again the centre of attention

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Stand out from the crowd with


 NAME at the centre of attention

 If you have ever seen ballooning or bungee jumping, you will know they are sports that catch the attention of large crowds and many cameras.   


DropZoneUK have events all over the UK and can offer you the chance of displaying your company name & message in various places on the elevator cage and SCAD rig. (Please see supplement)

We have several spaces available on the ‘elevator cage’, and not forgetting the sides of the air tubes – four 10mtr X 1mtr banners suspended 50 feet up in the air right where everyone is looking!  There are also spaces at ground level.   Each SCAD Dive lasts approximately five minutes and during this time all eyes are on the cage and Net areas - all eyes are therefore on your banners.

Most people watch at least five or six jumps making this a very powerful form of advertising, especially when most jumpers bring along a group of friends and relatives to watch them take the plunge!!  Most are pointing Cameras and Camcorders too!

Some of the shows and festivals we attend have attendance figures well in excess of 50,000 all of whom could be potential customers for you!

GET THE JUMP ON YOUR COMPETITORS, call DropZone UK now on 01282 705097 or 07974 738202

We look forward to receiving your call.


The advertising spaces available are as follows:


Suspended 150 feet up in the air and one of the most photographed parts of the entire ride.

2 Side panels – 1mtr wide x 1mtr high

1 Back panel -  2mtr wide x 1mtr high

2 Front panels (either side of entry point) - .5mtr wide x 1mtr high 

Net Banners

Fastened to the air bags of the SCAD device.  These are suspended 15.5meters (50 feet) up in the air at the centre of attention

4 Banners, each of up to 10mtrs long x 1mtr high 



Sponsor a harness! A long-term sponsorship opportunity – your name will appear on every photograph taken of the diver, which they will no doubt be proudly showing to all their friends and family.  And of course the harness lasts for many thousands of Dives over many years.

Ground Mats – Landing Area

Another opportunity to have your name appearing on every photograph taken of the diver; also highly visible from ground level.


Pictures to follow

Van Side

Another great long-term sponsorship prospect – your name will appear on the side of the Truck (a 7˝ton Mercedes), which is parked at one corner of the ride throughout the operation as well as being seen up and down the motorways of the country.

Pictures to follow

Reception Tent

Where all the divers check in- large sides to the tent can be a great place to get your message across to a large and constant queue of people. 

Pictures to follow


Flags can be fastened at various points including above the cage, and at the four corners. 

Pictures to follow

Sweatshirts and T-shirts

We sell a lot of Sweatshirts and T-shirts as mementoes of their dive.  As part of the design, your logo/name could be associated with such great memories and become a well-loved treasure. 

Pictures to follow

Letterheads, Website

Any sponsors will be given additional coverage on our website as well as stationery such as letterheads etc.